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My oldest daughter who's 12 years old was cast this year in a local TV sitcom The Gellers after she sent in an audition tape. She really wanted to do it we didn't think we'd hear back from casting, but they loved her audition, and headshot. The plot for the first episode was dad meets an old girlfriend he's been talking to online, mom discovers that he's been talking to her online for a year, and tries breakup the house visit. Meanwhile my daughter (Lilly) teases her little brother into thinking he's been adopted, and that old girlfriend plans to take him back home after her visit.

My daughter did a really good job on screen, and we just found out they want to produce more episodes with my daughter playing the older sister who enjoys tormenting her little brother after the first episode got such great ratings on local TV station. What should I do? Should I let my daughter continue acting at such a young age? Even if she is this good! She gets really good grades in school, but I don't want this hurt her academics? My daughter really loves this role, and character!

That is an excellent question, and I think it is safe to say that with an attentive and concerned mother like you, your daughter can continue with her acting.  However, you two should have an agreement beforehand that if her grades suffer, she will have to stop acting, or perhaps something less drastic such as having her work with a tutor, do extra credit work, or similar.  You can probably discuss your ideas and explain the situation to her teacher(s).

Since you already know the show and the role, and it's local, it seems like a good fit for your daughter to be able to develop her acting talent, while still having a somewhat normal home life.  As long as it is fun for your daughter, and doesn't become detrimental in some way - such as with her grades - it sounds like things will go well.  

In this case, as you describe it, I wouldn't worry.  If in the future your daughter's grades do fall, or acting becomes stressful rather than fun, you can quickly act to make the changes back to what works for you and your daughter, and if her teachers are in agreement, they will also help keep her academics up to par, and you informed the moment she begins to have trouble.  

Congratulations to your talented daughter, and the best of luck to you both.

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