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I live in Los Angeles.I am a aspiring entertainment manager and would like to manage actors.A little over a year ago, through a mutual friend and a well known actor I was acquainted with,i was set me up with a brief meeting with the managers nephew who happened to be his assistant because he was out of town with his client. My goal was to be an intern or perhaps ask for his mentorship. When we finished our meeting he told me that the manager wanted to meet me when he got back in town. Before he could get back unfortunately I crashed my car and his actor got fired off of Broadway. I decided not to pursue trying to set up a meeting with him, mainly because of not having my car and I felt like it was bad timing. In the past year I have built my resume up doing some PR work. I am now ready to try to give it another shot. How should I go about asking this manager for his time with so much time having passed? Thank you

Hi Lou, Wow. I don't know if I have all the info to answer, but I would do this: I would send this person a brief invitation for lunch.  Could include, "Missed seeing you years ago as I was in an auto accident and laid up for a while. I have been doing PR work and am still interested in being a manager.Can you meet me for lunch,,,,"  But keep it short.  Doing lunch seems to be the venue for business proposals, so that's set. I would give it two weeks in the future in an attempt to find him available, but set the time and place.  IT will be interest4ing to see if he replies. The other way would be to simply call his officd and make an appointment to see him.  God bless, Doc

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