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Dear Kitty

Do you feel Artists playing roles as a Hero - (Action,Romantic etc) Villain, Comedian, Character artist etc in Movies can really influence the Artist in his real life to some extent ?.

i.e. Some Artists play positive, negative roles which are fictitious in Movies with the same type of roles. Now the artist who is playing the same role in movies can be influenced in his real life ?.

Do you feel the Artists who play the Hero role in Movies are in
real life Heroes ?.
Do you feel the Artists who play the Villain role in Movies are in
real life Villains ?.
Do you feel the Artists who play the Comedian role in Movies are in real life Comedians ?.

If not, can they be influenced in real life because they are playing and depicting the same role type in movies ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards
Prashant S Akerkar

There is a recent article published that relates to your question:
How Actors Create Emotions: A Problematic Psychology, by Judith Ohikuare.

While it pertains more to theater acting than film acting, there are many film actors who tend towards using Method acting and certainly reshape who they are physically and mentally for roles.  Whether or not the character remains for any length of time after the actor has completed their final call for the project, is different for each individual.  

What tends to be the most influential, are the relationships developed on-set.  Frequently one hears about romantic relationships beginning during filming, that also tend to last after the final cut.  That is not restricted to actors, though, as there are also examples of relationships that began between directors and actors, producers and actors, etc. during filming.

There is also the reverse influence to consider; if an actor is already a comedian, or funny is part of their nature, they would be more likely to be cast to play a comedian than someone who is known to be serious, or who had no natural talent to be funny.  Often actors will bring something from their personal lives on to the set, to help create a character.  

Sean Connery brought a lot to the role of James Bond, but is a rather normal person in real life - perhaps not like the hero he played for so long.  Anthony Hopkins, undoubtedly best known for his Hannibal Lecter roles, is nothing like a villain in real life.  

According to Wikipedia, before playing the role of an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas, (for which he received an Academy Award) Nicolas Cage "researched by binge drinking in Dublin for two weeks and had a friend videotape him so he could study his speech. He also visited hospitalized career alcoholics." Of course he began filming and completed his work on that film and many others since then, with no trips to rehab or any known problems reported with alcoholism.

One could certainly argue that the viewers of a film can often be more influenced by a character than the actor, both for the negative and positive aspects.  

Anyhow, hopefully the article will provide you with some insight.
Thank you,

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