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Hi Christy!

My 16 year old daughter has been acting since she was 6 mostly independent films, but last year she filmed a local TV sitcom pilot "The Garcias" based on the directors childhood experiences with his off-beat family. My daughter plays the role of oldest sibling 15 year-old (Bernadette) who has two younger brothers, cares more about her hair, and learning to drive so she can run away with her boyfriend. In the pilot episode the parents are trying to decide how to redecorate there living room, while my daughter (Bernadette) torments her youngest brother (10 years old) by teasing him that he's getting dumber by the minute after he brought home his first B on a test.

The pilot episode was recently picked up by the New York Television Festival who's very interested in looking at turning this into series after a private screening got a very positive reaction. Next fall my daughter will be starting her Jr. year in High School, and hopefully applying to colleges because she's very smart. I don't want her to miss out on a huge opportunity, and my daughter is very excited because she's work so hard at her craft for years. We're at a crossroads so what do we do? I think doing this show could bring good extra savings for college. I don't want college to be an after thought in her mind?  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated the last thing I want is my teenage daughter to hate me for killing her dreams.

I say take the job if you get an offer. College will always be there, and honestly, a degree doesn't guarantee a person a future. I believe an education is a wonderful thing to have, but so is life experiences. The difference is that the college experience will be there AFTER this job, and this job has an expiration date. Many people never even get a taste of their dreams. Your daughter is getting it at a young age. Teach her to enjoy the experience. Teach her to be grateful. And teach her to go for it!


Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing

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