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Hi Kitty,

My name is Bella I'm a 25 year old actress who is currently rehearsing for an independent feature I was cast as the lead about a girl, and her boy friend who knew each other since childhood, and want to get married right before one of them disappears only to be found murdered.

In one key scene I'm flirting with my boyfriend on the couch when he starts tickling me I'm suppose to laugh, and say "No tickling please" and then he ask where am ticklish getting my neck, poking my belly then I rub my bare side just before he squeezes it.

The whole scene is pretty cute only lasting about a minute and half, but I am super ticklish yesterday we filmed a first take with the director, and I was laughing so hard my face turned bright red. They had to stop the take I apologized, but the director said "I think we can use this for the outtakes reel".

We have to re-film the scene in a few days. Do you have any advice? I know you can't help me over come how ticklish I am, but their must be someway to get though the scene? The film is on a tight schedule!

There are a number of things you can try.  I would suggest talking to the director.  With the scene left the way that it is, there are camera tricks (angles) that would make it seem as if the other actor is touching you, when he is either not, or far less.  You could ask that the tickling be lessened to 30 seconds, or that you are able to hold back the other actor's hands.  What is important is that you get across the message in the scene, without holding up production, or becoming physically overwhelmed.  Part of the directors job is to be able to help you figure this out, successfully.

On your own, there are various forms of meditation, breathing and systems like EFT (a tapping technique) that can help you better manage your ticklishness.  You can also approach the other actor and explain that you just want to get through the scene, and perhaps there is a way for him to go through similar motions as before, but with far less intensity, pressure, etc.  You are not alone on a set - it is a team effort to create a film, and it is likely that the director, other actors and camera people will be not only willing to help you, but may come up with brilliant solutions that I would never have thought of.  

I'm sure you'll get through this, and I'm wishing you good luck as well.


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