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Hi Kitty - I am interested in hand and feet modeling and do not know how to go about starting. I live in Ohio. Any suggestions? Thank you and appreciate any help or ideas you could give.

In the larger markets, parts models can find either agencies that work specifically for parts models, or - as tends to be more common - other types of models (such as fashion models or commercial print models) include one or more parts on their composite card or in their portfolio.  Since you are in Ohio, you may want to try starting with commercial print modeling agencies, and tell them that you are interested in parts modeling.

There is a chance that they will consider you solely based on parts, in this case assuming you have exceptional hands and/or feet, or may want you to be more marketable.  You can use one of the modeling agency directories (available in your local library, bookstore or online) and see what types of agencies are in your area, and what types of models they represent.  It is possible that your closest market is New York, and that you may have to search outside of Ohio for the work you want.

Here are a few (photo) tips from a model who does parts modeling as well:

Good luck to you,

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I can answer questions from those looking to get into the fashion or commercial modeling industry. Specifically, the requirements, what is needed, how to find an agent, what they look for, how to avoid scams, the difference between what a commercial model does, and a fashion model, would travel/relocation be required, what is on a comp card and in your portfolio.


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