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I m new face performer , actor , dancer , and do voice over too

I had applied for many casting agents , they required from me to do something called "camera test"

noticed that this camera test is not for specific role it is general , may be I ll play role as a model , actor on advertisment or movie or tv , they want from to to do camera test primary

my question

1- whats the camera test ?

2- how does I prepare myself ?

3- does I have to prepare some scenes I study to act infornt camera and dancing show I knew to perform them or what ?

4- does their any tips and trick to know before making test camera ?

5- if after doing test camera on one agent , and they didnt accept me , so what can I do after that , apply on others  and still insisitng with my talents  or that ll be a sign referral that I m not fit to be an actor or model generally and stopping my researches , what can I do if there are many agents told me we ll call you or you are not fit , so is that ll be a sign too ?

noticed that I m not USA resident , I m from egypt , so please advise me as general principals of camera test not advise me with something related to USA market

thanks and best regards

Get an acting coach that has legitimate credits and ask them.
This is far to much for me to answer without knowing you personally.
So whoever is asking you to do this "test" are also someone you can ask.
If you are new to this then you should be studying your craft.

Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing

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