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QUESTION: hello Dear peter

I had did lot of test camera for modelling and acting purposes for few months ago ( for free ) in local casting agency office but unfortunately I didnt recieve any call till now

when I thinking what is the reason for this delay , I remebered that I have a problem with my eyes regarding allergy let me blinking ot squainting a lot sometime close my eyes when talking

I have attached a you tube 30 sec video of old test camera contain few eye disorder I mentioned

so please let me know regarding your expertise , is this problem me stumble me in model or acting career ? is this may be a reason where the casting directors may avoid me ?

last thing I have some website want to registered but they required a fees please check them to give me your opinion about their credability

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: I can't comment on any of the sites you list, but in general I will say that such sites are very rarely useful if you are looking for acting work. Getting any acting work is so very difficult, especially for beginners, that you will be trampled in the rush of people with better qualifications, all desperate for work.
Look in your neighbourhood for independent films, film courses at local colleges, film festivals: anywhere there are filmmakers with more ambition than money. You need to get trusted by filmmakers and learn about film acting, and when they are ready to take a chance on you, you will be ready to accept casting.  
Right now, it seems to me, your piece of film is not useful for casting. Try to get classes, watch actors on camera, and get known in your local film world as a guy who can be trusted to do whatever he's asked, as well as he can.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1- regarding to our conversation before , I  had applied for lot of casting agencies inside and outside , the surprise is there is casting agent in london accept my application and  sent me a contract via email to check and sign , this situation was too surprised toward me specially that I haven't modelling experience , but when I read the terms and condition I afraid because it require lot of commitment , I send them an email to ensure that they know I m not live in UK , the shock was they thought I m egyptian living in london they apologize , cancel the contract , I was bite my finger it was rare opportunity ? please comment

there is lot of casting agency worldwidely reply me via email said the same word your look is nice but don't suit us or your look is not what we search for or your look is not suitable for our market

they words sent in lot of emails in lot of markets , this depressed me a lot , is this a natural message came to any newbie model or it is a sign that this career is not suitable for me ? please advise

last thing the height problem , lot of casting agency said your height is a problem to work in model I think they refer fashion modelling not modelling at all they require minimum height for male 185 cm or 183 cm , I m 175 cm , that depressed me also please advise , it is not important for me to work specially in fashion , I want to work in shows , banner , commercials , campaign , short videos , ..............

last thing I had received lot of invitation from casting director to work in commercial and tv campaign but in dubai , I really arrange to travel this month , I glad first but then I detected it is lot of people ll shooted with me , I afraid that ll be all the work like that appearing with a groups , from your point of view , do you encourage me for this invitation as first step in my career or if I accept I ll stay all my life appear with groups in campaign

some actors , director , agent when they apologize for accepting me or other peoples in forums and groups said the same word dont desperate and keep trying apply for all opportunity you found , whats your opinion ?

thanks and best regards"

To answer your followup:
I must advise you strongly against spending any money for services from online "casting agencies".
Speaking generally, they rely on people's embarrassment and the tendency to blame oneself when a deal goes bad in an unfamiliar setting. Most online casting is simply a way to attract people with the possibility of realising their dreams, string them along until they've been milked dry, and then drop them.
Look for opportunities nearby: check out sound studios for classes and get a more knowledgable criticism of your work.
You can improve your on-camera appearance with your smartphone or iPad, or even the camera in your computer. Get a short news story, learn it completely, and then make two or three recordoings of your presenting it. Don't look at the first two: look at the third, when you have corrected your earlier errors. Doing this a few times will make an improvement, but a professional teacher will help you more. Go to the studio and check it out: is it filled with Hollywood pictures or is it bare except for stuff personal to the operator? Too much film star stuff should make you suspicious, praise like 'You could be a star with your voice, with just a little more training' should send you to the door.
Look locally and assess the people face to face before you hand over your dreams. And your money.  

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