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QUESTION: hello Dear kitty

I had did lot of test camera for modelling and acting purposes for few months ago ( for free ) in local casting agency office but unfortunately I didnt recieve any call till now

when I thinking what is the reason for this delay , I remebered that I have a problem with my eyes regarding allergy let me blinking ot squainting a lot sometime close my eyes when talking

I have attached a you tube 30 sec video of old test camera contain few eye disorder I mentioned

so please let me know regarding your expertise , is this problem me stumble me in model or acting career ? is this may be a reason where the casting directors may avoid me ?

last thing I have some website want to registered but they required a fees please check them to give me your opinion about their credability

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: You have an interesting dilemma.  Judging solely from the test camera video, it appears likely that most people would not notice your blinking disorder.  However, there are agents who have no problem working with actors and/or models with all different types of disabilities.  If it doesn't bother you (or make you feel insecure or self-conscious), and you're open and honest with your agent(s), there is less chance of there being a problem.

Simply from a booking standpoint, let's say your allergies are to pollen, or dust.  You wouldn't want your agent submitting you for a photo shoot in a field of flowers, or a horror film being shot in a dusty old hay barn.  Your agent succeeds when you succeed, they earn money when you earn money - and there are 'real people' models (commercial print) as well as acting roles for every type under the sun.

As for the links, the only one I am familiar with is Stage32, which does have a free membership option. The only time I would recommend a paid membership site is if it was regional (like LA Casting or Actors Access), and you had vetted the site.  For the most part, big companies and studios that are looking to hire models or actors do not use the internet to try and connect directly to profiles of complete strangers.  They hire an agency or casting company to find them exactly what they are looking for.  So if it's possible, work through a reputable agent, not from general modeling or acting sites.

Good luck to you,

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QUESTION: hello dear

thanks for your quick response

so I understood from your sound that it ll not be obstacle , did you watch my video ? did you watch how I m talking closing my eyes , unfortunately , in most case whether recorded or not , I talked that way with blinking close eyes

may be because of some type of allergy I tried to treat from , may be because of leaving eye glass because I hate it

but at all you sure thats not a problem , in other hand if you watch my video is this facial profile from your point of view can be actor or model , one professional photographer told me your facial profile not eligible for model ? also can you deduce ethnicity that's was confusing  

please advise

ANSWER: Let me try to answer you a little better, if I can.  Since I've only seen the video you sent the link to, I can only give my opinion based on that - as I haven't met you or seen you at a half-hour casting.  Judging from the video, it looks as though the only way your blinking would be a problem is
a) if you felt that it was  
b) your agent didn't know about it

If those two situations were fine - you felt confident and self-assured, and your agent knew not to send you out on any casting where it might be a problem, then it just becomes a quirk of who you are, simply a part of your person and not an obstacle or stumbling block.  Part of the industry is that you don't get hired for every job you apply for, nor does every person (or photographer) like your look.  A good agent will send you out on what you're most likely to get cast for, and much of the time you are competing for one role with many other similar talent.  Some jobs you get, some you don't.

If you can relax and enjoy the castings, just do it for the fun of it.  When it's clear to others that you have confidence and you seem like a great guy to be around, you will find fewer and fewer people who focus on the 'negative' things in life (or who will tell you what you can't do).

Stay strong, and carry on,

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QUESTION: ok at all thank you

the Baltic casting agency based in latvia , I had sent them a wondering about joining against membership fees , the represetative replied in this way show below , I want from your regarding your experience if you mind confrim this sound verification or it is just a fake ?

she said

" Hi, Ahmed  I understand what you are saying, but it is a very old system and we, as the largest agency in Europe no longer work like this.

Like You know ( or do not know ) there is 2 ways of payments in this world, in biggest players ( agencies ). Biggest part serious agencies asking MONTHLY payment from actors, to get You in the circle and give You chance to apply to projects. Others work like Agents and asking % from deals. But like we know about 70% production companies, film studios, producers do not work with Agents, they work with agencies. And WE offer the best deal, just symbolic annual payment ( You pay just once in the year ) and all year You have access to our castings and projects + our Agents do not keep from You any %. If we call and tell You, that You have 3000USD per shooting day, then this is amount what You got in Your bank account. For free You can get in agencies who have 1 project in month. We have 20-30 projects every month. Thats a huge difference. And we are onliest agency who work in 40 countries around the world."

please comment
and advise also

If money is no problem, try it out and let me know what your experience is.  Of course there are multiple film markets world wide, including Hollywood and Bollywood.  Let's just say, for example, that I was producing a studio film in the UK.  I'm looking to cast actors to play an immigrant family in London - mother, father & two children.  It is unlikely that I would contact an online website based in Latvia to find what I was looking for.  Even if you were perfect for the role, you're perhaps not in the union.  In the US and the UK, studio films are union productions, hiring union actors, for the most part.  Why would I pay extra for my family of four to be flown in from various places, when there are thousands of actors available where my film is being cast, and I can see them in person to audition?

It also isn't about the numbers the website company is giving you.  If you were an agency and only had one casting a month, you wouldn't be open long.  Reputable agencies have more work than that.  If the website company is in 40 countries around the world, and getting 30 projects a month, divide that by the number of talent that have signed up on their website, plus the number of their castings that are looking for your specific age, gender, look.  And factor in your present location, the cost of travel, food and accommodation, plus work visas (if applicable) that would get you to where ever they are paying 3000USD per shoot day.  Those are my thoughts, as I do not know the website, and do not have the facts of the situation.  Perhaps they are a terrific service, and well worth the money.  Still, it is my opinion that the first thing you should do is work locally, where it is legal to do so, and you don't have to work blind off of internet posts - but rather through a reputable agency who earns money only when you do.

Whatever you decide, I wish you much success.

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