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1- regarding to acting , since I was child I like  to do something till this moment , I m 31 now , this thing is acting upon music (without lyrics) with body and facial reaction without talking or singing in other hand I like to give impression and perform upon song as acting instead of singer but in other way , if this song havent video clip I m act my own clip creating my motion and dancing movement which give the people who watched the impression that is was the real clip I hope you understand what I point so whats is this kind of art called is their any specific names for it , is their a school specified in this kind of art or it consider acting at all , please advise ?

2- I like from being child shadow play creating figure or at least make personal impression and motion sound in front of walls (shadow reflection) , hah may be sometimes that's let my family doubt my mental status , is their a school specified in this kind of art or it consider acting at all and also mimics ? if you recommend , please recommend international school even US but can accept applicant outside US ?

3-last thing I m do a voice over have the ability to create lot of sound but I m feeling despite this sound is different bit when I try to listen to it again I found it has the same pitch that's make me crazy because when I watching some american actors or someone like mel blanc convert their voices completely I wondering so it is a specific talent noticed that I have the talent to change my voice to lot of sounds or it it gainable skills can be improved and be learned , last thing how can I change my voice roughly during performing without hurting my throat or larynx ?

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Your expressive dance sounds interesting. I'm not sure where it's taught, though; it might be a South Asian style, perhaps. If you're thinking of doing it professionally, you'd have to win the confidence of musicians, who might allow you to be part of a recording, just as a trial.

Shadow theatre is a respected discipline in Indonesia. I imagine you'd have to work very hard to learn their style of performance, though.

The sorts of voice control you are talking about come with a good ear to hear exactly what you want to sound like, and then endless practice to build up the muscles and your control of them. As you suggest, it's easy to wreck your voice, sometimes even permanently, by misusing it

With a good deal of hard work perfecting your skills, and another pile of hard work publicising your ability and finding someone to risk hiring you, you might possibly make a career of this. However, I'd advise you to enjoy what you do, and amuse and amaze your friends.

Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing

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