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QUESTION: Dear kitty

I think I had contacted you last year to discuss with you my first step towards modelling career I got frustrated here is the reasons and also want to ask you some question

1- locally I had applied for all casting agency by visiting their offices  here in my country all told me we ll contact you as soon as possible as usual no one call me , I follow up with them they apologize about work pressure and some time no work this days bla bla bla , one office only was clear with me they said we work in two type of models banners photos which required body building people (that's not m I ) or catwork but I have to take a course in their office for preparation because this is agency reputation bla bla bla but it was too expensive and in another city also I m not interested in catworks I tend to commercials and other

2- I had applied for all casting agencies online local , international , dubai , east asia , USA , UK , europe , turkey , india bla bla bla , I did that because each casting agency require new face whether local or international , they replied some of them told me you have to be lived in the agency country other told me good we ll contact you and give some unreal wishes and promises other not reply completely few required professionals only ,few noticed if they are interest they'll contact me surely no one contact me so I m asking you does applying for abroad casting agency require new faces is good steps or just wasting my time ?

3- photos , despite of I tried to find cheap professional studio to pick me a pics I obtained 10 pics , all other studio was too expensive , I tried to contact fine arts (photographing department) , to find someone make project and required to shoot for free but unfortunately this project is rare usually require females not males for portraits the majority is naked and nude this kind I don't like  ? if you have time I may send you my photos I had taken and tell me your opinion ? give me your personal email

4- I had received a casting notice for TVC in dubai from well know casting agent in dubai next 4-1 but they noticed me before 48 days of casting so the chance had gone but I m asking whats is the meaning of casting before the project despite of they are knowing my profile , pictures , videos ........ ?

dear regarding to your experience let me know your opinion about one year steps I had taken , does I m wasting my time , I found there is not standard in models requirements so how can I be professional my age reach 31 , I afraid to capable from catching the age train ?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, that's one of the problems with much of the entertainment industry; if you don't live where the work is/ or close to a major market, your opportunities are going to be limited or non-existent.  Acting is the same.  If you're not in or near a major market, there's little chance there is enough business locally.  Unless you are able to travel to a major market regularly and inexpensively (for which you do not need a work permit or visa to get to) then it may be time to re-think your options.

I would not recommend applying to agencies outside of where you can legally work/easily travel to.  For example - commercial print models make around $100 US per hour (

Let's say you're booked for a three hour shoot, minus your agency fee of 20% (300 - 60 = $240). You still owe taxes on that, which isn't much if you're an American citizen, but might be doubly taxed if you're a citizen of another country.  If you're living right near the shoot, a couple hundred dollars in your pocket is great.  If you had to pay for a flight in from anywhere, or a hotel room, or rent a car, most likely you'd be paying out more than you earned.

If you're not considering moving to a place where there's enough work to support you, the only other thing I know to suggest is to create the work where you are.  That is possible for some people, but it takes a lot more.  You can only start your own modeling agency or advertisement agency if there are enough businesses locally who need (commercial print) models.  Same thing for actors.  You can start a local theater group, but acting in commercials, film or TV is dependent on what's happening locally, if there are other businesses and customers to be able to support it.  

I've done both; moved around to different cities for modeling/acting, and started my own modeling and acting resources in order to create and find work where I was, so I know that both of those options can be successful for someone else as well.  And perhaps there are other options I hadn't thought of, that will bring you the career you want.  I am interested to know what you decide to do, and how it works out for you.

Best of luck to you,

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QUESTION: hello dear kitty

thanks you '

about establishing my own casting agency is too hard for many reason , I didn't have the start up cost the same time , this business in my country considered messy and narrow in the same time that's make the step more harder , moreover  this kind of work require lot of relationships whether with with model or casting director , I haven't the both
the same for local acting  group , I joined something like that in the most case people who joined was not serious or amused only other people don't complete etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

please let me know your reason for giving me this link  ????????/

I had checked , I think it was deactivated since 2013 , the copyrights 2001-2013 , all the articles , data , information and blogs also any related information was too old 2010-2009-2006 but I observed that it contain lot of information regarding models , it considered as information resource , so did you send me this link for that purpose

I decide to afford for traveling Dubai , in Dubai market is mostly open rather than here moreover many casting agency was interested in my work but the obstacle was I m not resident there , so I ll give a try , the same plan for travel USA but Dubai may be easier whether in visa procedures also in cost

please let me know your opinion
thank you at all

Yes, you are correct, the link that I sent has modeling rates for the US to give an idea of potential (local) earnings.  Of course each market is different, so you'd always want to calculate the costs/earnings for the market that you travel to or move to, in order to determine if it's financially a good decision.  

In America it's much easier to start your own business, and since it's a large country/large population, there's a bigger customer base to draw from.  That also includes if you want to start a group of people with similar interests.  Websites like (for your own group) and the casting agencies (such as they have in Los Angeles for commercial clients) make for greater opportunities there.  Naturally one must be a citizen or have a work permit, as is the case in other countries.

That doesn't mean that working in the entertainment industry is impossible in all other countries, just that you may have to be more creative in finding a way to reach your goals, than the path you might follow if you were in America.  There are certainly other large markets; London, Paris or Milan, for example.  Unless you've signed immediately with a top fashion or talent agency, for most of the other types of models/actors part of your job will be managing yourself, including branding marketing/PR, etc.  That would mean that you are able to make the most of your look/talent, find the right market for yourself/your goals, and make the connections you need to achieve that.

I hope you are able to find what works best for you.

Good luck,

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