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My 13 year old daughter has been acting since she was six years old in independent films, small TV roles, but she just finished filming a pilot for TV. We can't say the name yet, but the show is for ABC the pilot is about an off-beat family with three kids who live in the city of Washington D.C. My daughter plays the oldest sibling 13 year old Hayley who has two younger brothers 11, and 8. Her favorite activity is too gang-up with her 11 year old brother and tease their little 8 year old brother mercilessly every episode since he's the youngest. In the pilot dad has an old girl friend who comes to visit, and mom tries the whole episode to break them up.

Meanwhile my daughter's character Hayley get's annoyed at her 8 year old brother Kevin because he keeps wanting to hang-out with his older siblings! So she get's the idea to convince her little brother his adopted, and was born an accident after making up a story about how he was born, while recruiting some back-up from her 11 year brother Joey in helping tease, and torture him. While little brother Kevin freaks out the rest of the episode, and the parents are clueless which in turn means she doesn't get into trouble.

The episode is hilarious, and now we're getting film a full 22 season run because the network give the pilot a green light. How do you know if this role is right for my daughter? She really wants to keep playing the character loves it?

Of course as her parent you would have the final say in whether or not your daughter continues acting while she is not yet an adult.  If you believe the role is in some way harmful to her, or her cast mates or the crew treat her poorly, or you have morals or family values that prohibit or make it uncomfortable for your daughter to deliver certain lines, wear certain wardrobe or behave (onscreen) in a matter that conflicts with your beliefs or tolerance level, then by all means, encourage her to find another passion.

A role is only right for someone if they enjoy what they are doing, and they aren't doing harm to themselves by playing something that makes them uncomfortable.  Occasionally you might hear of parents or "stage moms" that push a child into performing when they really don't want to, but that is not typically the case.  You know your daughter best, I would trust your gut feeling, and go with that.

Good luck to you two,

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