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Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing/confuse between fake , real or scam ?


QUESTION: because you are extremely experienced , I want to reassure about something , hope you reassuring me

after doing lot of researches for finding worldwide contests for performing talents , I found one called " WCOPA"

Twitter: @OfficialWCOPA




please check

I had did an online application , after few days their representitive contacted me called Scott Murphy

Vice President Worldstars USA, Inc

World Championships of Performing Arts

USA Office:


with full detailed guide and documents also he told me that he ll give me scholarship with 600$ total fees ll be 2200$ , the contest ll be in 9 days , with training and other materials , if you want to check the full email , so give me your personal email to forward you

he added that he was too delighted because  I m from Egypt , after 20 yrs of contest , no one from Egypt applied before , so he is eager to check my performing video , also want from me to finsih procedures as soon as possible becasue travel to USA ll be next July , the contest application deadline was in 1-may but he extended it specially for me to 1 June

this contest for professional and amateur , not only that but also in dancing-vocal-singing-acting

the sounds is tooooooo good , he sent me email version one with English and other in Arabic , thats weird  some what , I had did lot of correspondence with lot of international organziation for more than 15 yrs , no one send me two version language emails , they also said that they ll cover expenses of air fare and send me documents for US visa procedures

my question , I afraid to be just a scam , the strange in the issue that they have channel in you tube and face book page , also last yrs winners and also lot of blogs

it is difficult to someone like me to travel to USA and pay a lot of money in sake of illusions , so please regarding to your experience , let me know the legitmate of this contest , is it real or fake ?

thanks and best regards"

ANSWER: There are competitions for all sorts of talent, although not all of them cost money to enter (or cost so much money) to enter.  When one is running a skill-based in-person competition, the rules and legal requirements are less clear than they would be for another kind of competition, sweepstakes or lottery.  Basically, the WCOPA does not have many as rules and regulations to follow, according to the state of California, and can set up their competition (legally) as they have.  

If you enjoy entering competitions and winning a medal is worth the entry fees for you, then I wish you the best of luck.  If the fame aspect is more important to you, there are many televised talent competitions that are either free to enter, or that offer much larger prizes to the winners.  Naturally it would depend on what your goal is too.  If you simply want to work (as a dancer, actor, singer, model, etc.) then getting an agent and working would be a better (and again free) choice.

Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

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QUESTION: so I understood from your sound that this contest is legal , it is not scam ! , but it may cost me much money for symbolist award , so it may be wast of time and energy also money to travel from contienet to another continenet to attend this kind of competiton

about my goals , regarding that I m not professional , owe lot of talents , but raw talents , I want to some expert or guidance evaluate and classify my talents also assess my skill level , not only that but also need someone to market my talent , about WCOPA contest , I intended to enter for this list purposes more over making relationship networks with professionals , that is was my purpose

but I doubt to be scam and stealing my money , so I required your assistance for approving

need your comments


ANSWER: Yes.  If it's an award, or a chance to join a public competition, this would be a good, if expensive choice.  It sounds like it might be a better use of your money to do something like join an acting school, dance school, or voice training course, whatever it is that you want to get into specifically as a future career, other than modeling, which requires no training, nor do models use a resume/CV.

At the same time, or instead of schooling, you can also look for agents who represent the type of talent you have.  If you do not live in or near a large city or market, you may have to commute or workout some other kind of arrangement, but it can be done, and there are usually alternatives to spending lots of money on competitions, training, photos/marketing materials, etc.  

For example: You may live near a university that has a media department or a film school.  Graduating students usually need to make a thesis film, and will 'hire' local (non-professional) actors.  While they usually don't pay you to act in their film, you are receiving free on-set training, and a credit for your resume/CV as well as material you could use to create a show reel.  You are also meeting aspiring directors and other actors, who may turn out to be great networking contacts in the future.

There is almost always a less expensive way to get to your goal, and of course if money is no problem, you can choose for a more expensive route.

Good luck to you,

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QUESTION: yes sear your sounds is too sane and logic mixed with deep experience in industry , yes I really think about option of joining schools but it require specific age and qualifications also I tried to apply for workshop but if it rewarded it ll be expensive , if it cheap it ll be take away superficial workshop and not beneficial , I also thought about joining newbie directors in their new movie but unfortunately some is not serious about their projects , give promises without fulfilling other require me to travel to their cities and endure all my expenses and that's hard toward me , I had visited local casting agencies for making test cameras for free  but no one call me till now,, when I tried to contact them or follow up , they said wait still no work suitable for you or said be patient , but know I m taking a voice coaching under supervision of great and expertise voice artist who are professional and working in market , the best thing , when he assessed me firstly , he believed in my talent also my voice tag and performance and noways I learning all profession techniques for performing in front of studio mic , you said something in your answer " their than modeling, which requires no training, nor do models use a resume/CV." about this how can I find someone assess me , I had applied for online modeling casting agency , but no one contacted me , can you tell me about modeling agency online or international , I can contact or register for giving me modeling evaluation or legitimate , there are lot of website of modeling agencies online , I approximately registered in most of them , but in vain

please advise

Unfortunately, most legitimate modeling agencies are only located in the larger markets, which as you mentioned, probably will involve travel expenses.  The work (and the agencies) are usually in the same large cities around the globe -for example; Paris, Milan, New York and London.    If there are professional film schools near you, check with their advanced students about casting opportunities.  They must be serious, or they won't graduate, and they are often looking for local actors.  I'm glad to hear you are taking voice coaching, and hope that takes you to your goal.  You certainly have the will and clearly have the desire to succeed, and I wish you much success.

Good luck to you,

Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing

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