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Hello Kenneth!

There are two things I am very, very curious about. How are kiss scenes written into scripts for screenplays? Does the scriptwriter just simply write "kiss", or is a more technical approach taken, ie: "Press lips together for 5 seconds. Turn head to the left..." etc.

And if it's a frame where the actors are seen to be kissing for awhile, like maybe around 10-15 seconds - how are these usually filmed? Is it taken in one shot or are different shots taken, with shorter time intervals and then edited together?

Just two things I'm really curious about. Thanks alot!

Hello Zara.  I think you can make the stage direction for the kiss as detailed as you want. Usually Kisses are just described, "Passionately" or "Tenderly" or such. This scene like all scenes needs to be well covered for final editing.  Remember you are not writing the shooting script, the director will break your script down for shooting.  Best wishes on your film.  God bless, Doc

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