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Hi Kitty,

My daughter booked the lead role on an independent comedy film called "Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang" about a 16 year old sister who has a little 12 year old brother that's obsessed with finding buried treasure after moving to a new neighborhood. In the process he drops water on his sister, and her friends because he think's she might have the treasure, but turns out false. Sick of her little brother always playing make believe to get even she hides clues in the park which, lead him to find a birth certificate that make her little brother Cooper believe he's adopted. Copper spends the rest of the episode asking people in the neighborhood even his own sister tells him it's true that certificates don't lie. The film is hilarious along with a mom who's clueless and to wrapped-out in her own work to care.

My daughter spends the rest of the film torturing her little brother, but my daughter not a mean person yet she really wants to bring her A game to this role. She has lessons with her acting coach next week, but how dose one prepare to get into mind set of such an evil bratty character?

It sounds like the intention of the prank is not simply because your daughter's character is mean, but because she feels frustrated and is tired of her on-screen brother's behavior.  Her character's intention is probably trying to teach him a lesson - which comes from a place of caring.

Because this is a comedy, ask the acting coach to instruct your daughter on a bit of 'body language.' That can get the message across in a humorous manner, rather than only a mean-spirited one.  Of course it depends on the dialog as well, but the way in which a line is delivered (whether an insult or a compliment) can communicate the intention behind it - which is something your daughter would have a bit of control over.  In the end, the director makes the final call and may instruct your daughter to deliver her lines in a more evil/bratty way, but to start with she can interpret the intention behind the lines how she prefers and deliver them in that manner.

Generally whatever an actor is most comfortable doing looks best on camera, and working with her coach she can make certain she gets the right subtext across to the audience.

Good luck to your daughter,

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