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Finally, my son was in the right place at the right time.  A Delta Airlines promotional crew walked in on him and his girlfriend playing tennis.  They got a trip to the U.S. Open tennis tournament out of it.  I don't know whether the video/ad will appear on TV or just on specific promotional outlets.  We'll follow up on that.  But in any case, at least it is something to show or to link to.

Just to give you an idea of background in case it might be relevant. My son has no experience in front of the camera.  However, he did work as a gofer and whatever some years ago for an independent film company run by our cousin at the time.  We also have a long time family friend who does magazine and TV ads from time to time.  So we have some basic knowledge of certain aspects of the business.  But it has been years since he considered doing anything related, and he never had any work to show to an agent in any case.  

So, can this chance promotional video, which shows him off well, be listed on a resume on the backside of a head shot or however it's done?  What would be the steps for him to take at this point to have a shot at getting commercial or even acting work? He does live in L.A.

Hi Art   The world of promotional videos and of feature films is quite different. It would be helpful to know what sort of contract he has for the Delta gig.  While the independent work experience offers a chane to become familiar with the set and how films are made, it offers little more.   /what akways counts is the kind of contract one is working under.  The important thing is to get a SAG/AFTRA contract as a player of some sort,  He can put this Delta job on his resume and if he gets a copy of the video, it may be a good show reel to leave with agents.  To see how ti is done read Acting As A Business. IT iwll also provide info on how to get an agent. Best wishes, but don't make too much of this gig.  The businesss   is difficult to break into and cruel at best.What he really needs is a dozen such jobs. God bless, Doc

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