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Hey! My name is Anton I am 20 years old I have studied acting with film in focus for a year here in Sweden, I was born here. I would like to study in USA, I prefer LA, a 2-5 year program that has great courses and teachers but also some great alumnies. I have been thinking of American Academy for Dramatic Arts. I want to focus on television and film mostly but I like theatre a lot too.
What acting book would you recommend? For technique, creating character, living in the moment and script analysis? Practical handbook was pretty good, so was Ivana chubbucks Power of The Actors and Sanford Meisner. But it's interesting to hear what an expert would recommend, since there are a lot more books out there. Thank you Kenneth :) !

Hello, Anton,    It sounds to me that you have everything together for your future study. For film, USC or UCLA are best and a four year degree is best as well. I encourage you to read my book, The Tao of Acting which is free on line, just do a title search, also read my blog and web site all on line and free. Meisner is the only good teachere, find his lesson on line as well. Chubbuck was a big deal for a while but has burned our. There are suggested books on my web site and in my blog.  But don't read, do.  Reading makes you a student of acting doing makes you an actor,.  There is nothing to acting, Just do it. All the junk that books like Chubbuck's put you through are nonsense.  Read 'How to Stop Acting" whick gets to the point.
of the real truth that acting is not "acting" it is being a stand in for the character.
WEll, enough of that, it is all in my book. Best wishes, Doc

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