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QUESTION: Hey Rusty! I got accepted to an acting school in New york , I was accepted with a scholarship worth 10000$(they said it was the highest amount they could give out to international students) a year. That was last year but I couldn't come because I was not sure if I wanted to spend 60 000$ on a 2 year education. I got accepted this year too and I felt more excited about it, they told me that they would not give out the same amount of scholarship this year to international students, they would give less to other internationls, but since I got accepted last year they could still use my old scholarship and give it to me again if I said yes to come to school, so I accepted it, but then I talked to another girl who got accepted for the 1St time, she also got 10 000$! And I spoke to a friend from England who got accepted, he got 16 000$! I told the school I could not come and I believe they got a little pissed. But I do not want to go to a school where they are lying to me. I just told them that I changed my mind. Should I tell them why I did not want to come? And ask them for an explanation?  Thanks / Anton

ANSWER: This sounds like a scam. What is the name of that school? Be very careful, people prey on the "dream" and if they ask you to pay them RUN.

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QUESTION: New York Conservatory for dramatic arts, do you think I should ask them why they told me one thing but did something else? (Referring the last mail)

While the school might be legit, those prices just seem a bit steep. When you decide on moving to the state permanently there are plenty of courses that you can take here. I suggest taking as much as you can where you are. There must be some schools that coach film, tv, on camera acting and auditioning technique. You should ask them any and everything and they should reply with an answer that satisfies you. in the mean time get out there and act. In any and everything you can, on stage and on set is where  you will learn the most, not just in a classroom.

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