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QUESTION: hello dear

I want to know whcih name of arts that combine between act , dance , sing , pantomime upon music , I m talented in this kind I want to involve in study to improve my skills
because I have engineering degree I need short term study for instance one year diploma or 1.5 for maximum let me practise all kind of arts above

noticed that I m not live in usa , I m searching for scholarships in the following countries

1- USA (newyork -LA )

those countries is best for me to choose for study , but I dont live in any country listed above , I need scolarship or sort of study that if they ll find me talented they give me grant , noticed also I m not professional or do the above arts professionally
also I m afraid  to be late for this decision caz I m 32 yrs old , these is my dream before studying engineer

please advise and suggest solution

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Theater, or more specifically musical theater sounds like a good fit for your interests.  There are short courses, or courses that are designed to be done while one works - but availability differs from institute to institute.  Often the minimum age for a degree program is 18, and generally they would welcome all ages above that.  

Here's the problem you might have, which addresses the issue of funding; before you can get a student visa to allow you to enter and live in another country, you'd have to prove enrollment at a school.  In many cases, foreign students would need to pay tuition before they could apply for a visa.  In that event, you would not be eligible for a scholarship.  Also, in some countries, those visiting on a student visa are not allowed to work 9at all or only in limited circumstances).

For example, at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London,
"Overseas students should find funding from the country of origin. Proof that you have sufficient funding in place to cover the full cost of the training for the duration of the course is required in order to receive a student visa to study in the UK."

In the US, a person with a student visa (also called an F1) cannot accept off-campus employment at anytime during the first year of their studies. Under certain circumstances, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) may grant permission to accept off-campus employment after one year of study.

Again, this does not mean that there are no schools that offer scholarships to foreign students, and there may be other visas you could consider that would give you more freedom.  Someone more experienced with immigration to the countries you listed or international education may be of great help to you.

Maybe narrowing down your choices will help reveal which country might make the most sense in your situation.  England is known for it's theater arts and schools, and you clearly speak English, so my suggestion would be to start there.  You can do a search for the top theater schools in London, for example, read through their program offerings, see if anything sounds appealing to you, and see what their policies are regarding scholarships, payment, etc. One example of a local search revealed

The UK also has more relaxed regulations concerning student visas:

Naturally if you speak the local language in the other countries on your list, it may be better economically to look into those.  For example, the cost of living in Prague is about half what it would be in NYC.  There is always a way to make things work out, once you consider all your options and weigh them against your specific situation.  If you have your heart set on NY or LA, there are schools who work with foreign students to help them, such as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts:

They do offer assistance with financing and visas, which might work for you.  Again, it's not the cheapest place to live (food, transportation, lodging), but certainly one can make it work with determination and preparation.

Good luck to you,

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QUESTION: thanks dear for your precious information and resources

but I have to notify you that studying in whether Sweden or Prague usually in most cases is in english , that because they want to encourage student around world to study in their countries

also Germany , but Germany not cool country in musical theater arts also I hate their nazistic and racisitc people

please confirm


ANSWER: Yes, I understand that the study would be in English, however, you may want to have a part-time job, or go off-campus.  Presumably you would be doing your own grocery shopping, and would be expected to attend to other matters locally, in the official language.  While you can ask someone to translate everything for you, such as a bus route or how you might get local mobile or television services, if you are asking them to try to do so outside of their native language you will miss a lot.  Naturally you can learn the local language, and it would be a good idea to at least be conversationally able to talk together, but it's one more thing to add to your list when considering which location will suit you best.

I do not know if the German people are any more or less racist than any other country.  I have personally never experienced anything untoward while visiting that country, and I have family and friends living there who as far as I know are very open-minded, tolerant and non-racist people.  However, I certainly don't know everyone, and have never lived there myself.  I know they have a good film industry, and are known for their technical equipment, including photographic and moving film cameras, sound equipment, and the like.  But of course this decision is yours alone, and you decide what works for your situation.

Good luck to you,

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QUESTION: yup , I got your point you are advised me about interaction with population there who proud with their language

you know I m tend to select from the list native english language speaker country

england , usa because english is my second language , I love english since I was child I dont know why

I do voice over in english rather than my native language
I voice in singing in english better than my native language

so when I choose the list , I choose the countries who have great offer and opportunity for instnace Sweden offer study for free or small fees in well know schools

but I prefer England and USA but I m afraid from difficult requirements of those countries to study

whats your opinion about Canada and Australia in studying musical drama ?


Traditionally Canada has been easier to get into than Australia, although I do not know which might be the more expensive of the two - it probably depends on the city you choose.  While Canada draws some of their production from the US, Australia certainly has their own well-established film and theater industry.  

Moving out of your home country, even temporarily, is not an easy task no matter where you choose to go - so for that reason I wouldn't let the visa requirements alone dissuade you from choosing one country over another.

Probably the first consideration would be to find the schools that offer the program you want, in the time-frame you want, then work on your other considerations from there (course costs, country, visa requirements, language, cost-of-living, housing/transportation, climate, etc.).

I'm sure you'll do well, and I wish you much success.

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