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QUESTION: so I just choose LA and NY because i known that this cities contain the best agent and fat market of media and arts , I had contacted many casting agents , they accepted my profile but their condition to be lived in USA , also the colleges and universities related to theater and film industry was there , are you deal with me , also when doing my research in network state  , which city in network state has the media and arts industry is it NY city ?

are you deal with me in this point of view about choosen city ?

please advise

ANSWER: New York has more to offer in the way of theater arts than LA, although there are top schools in both areas.  You can use a list from the Internet such as:

or do your own search to narrow it down to show only NY, or whatever parameters you wish.  NYC has an excellent public transportation system, LA does not, so you could get around without the added expense of a car.   Your next closest option would be London, which seems to be slightly more expensive:

But of course it's not just about the money, but the type of school you want to attend, where you'd feel most comfortable, and where you see yourself in the future.  Every school has a website that should be able to detail their offerings, and Google can fill in the rest of the information so you can make a wise decision that suits you.

Good luck to you,

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QUESTION: I found in my old archive a directory USA education guide contain more than 200 universities and colleges in whole USA and all states , when I did my researches , I found two interested college has two branches in LA and newyork too

1- american academy of dramatic arts in LA and NY
2- american musical dramatic academy in LA and NY

This academies give what I want musical dramatic art


Since both of your choices are in NY and LA, and presumably cost a similar amount between the cities, you could consider other factors.  One would be the weather.  Some people prefer the mild climate of LA, where it doesn't often get too cold, rains infrequently, and generally has a dry, desert climate; hot in the day, cooling quickly at night.  NY has the four seasons, which if you elect for a shorter, six-month course, you would not necessarily be able to experience all.  

The cost of living can be found here:

You could also add in your own estimates of transportation.  For example, you can google the price and insurance costs of any standard vehicle, and divide by 12 to estimate your monthly costs for LA.  Same thing for NY.  Or look up the price for the subway, taxis, etc.  Since you know what type of accommodation you would want/need, you can also look that up. is located in most major cities, and can be a good resource to locate additional information regarding local pricing and availability.

There are people who love NY, and those who love LA.  It's more about your personal tastes now, since you've already narrowed down the schools.  

Good luck to you,

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