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Dear Mr Murphy,

I'm a student from England. I saw this painting, and i thought it was absolutely beautiful. I thought i'll ask you, because unlike other experts, you don't seem to just give 9 word answers.

(17 minutes and 10 seconds in, there is an amazing picture of a young girl).

I was wondering if you can identify it for me? The name of the painting and/or the painter. I know the other is a porcelain plaque of ruth, by Wagner (Kpm). I looked throughout the whole KPM website, but i couldn't find the painting of the girl at all!

The reason i am asking, is because i'm thinking of being an artist (at least part time), and i have made many similar paintings with oil. Though each painting would usually take me 2 months (working for an hour each day). Do you think in today's world, with that work rate, and producing paintings of the same style and similar quality, i can be successful? ('successful' as being without major financial worries, able to support a family and living comfortably).



Wish I could help....but identifying and appraisals are outside my area of expertise.

Ryan......hard to say whether your artistic talent could make you "successful"....depending how you define that term.  If you mean commercially profitable, I would say that it is an up hill climb even for the most talented artists.  Today's economic climate is the worst.....BUT if you put together a small portfolio of your works [visual images]....with an artist statement, pricing list, etc., and visit galleries in your area, perhaps it would be a good start for you.

Best of luck from New Jersey [USA]

djv murphy

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