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Hello.  I have several paintings, varying in size, by John Dineen.  I am looking to sell some of them, but have no idea where to go.  I am in the Midwest, and have web searched galleries in Florida, but not sure how to know who to trust?  I have never sold art before, and am not sure how to go about it, if I can find a buyer.  Any insights you have would be appreciated.  Thank you!

Hello....secondary market for tiered artists like John Dineen are limited.  Searching any history of auction turned up only one painting sold ]see:  ]

So with that said you might try contacting galleries in FL who currently or in the past have sold his paintings.

Here is the last time I answered the question about John Dineen:


You might try a couple of local art galleries in your area because John Dineen was a FL artist and much of his work was tropical [Florida based].

Second you could try eBay and see what transpires vis a vis interest.

Or third, you could contact a NYC auction house and see if there has been any of his works auctioned....and this will give you an idea of the value of the work you inherited.  Here is their website:

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

dj murphy  

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