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I have a Crystal Skelley painting and haven't been able to find any information or pictures on the internet. While searching the web, someone did mentioned that they had seen it years ago, and it was in a cherry wood frame. I have a painting called "I Was Thirsty" that I purchased and it's in a cherry wood frame. It appears to be a painting on canvas, but I'm not sure. Should I take it out of the frame to see? Can you tell me anything about this particular painting? The subject does not appear to be like any other painting I've seen of hers on the internet. Thank you for your time.



Sorry I can't offer any opinion on the painting you have by Crystal Skelley.....but yes do take it out of the should be on canvas....not a problem to remove....but if you are questioning whether it is on canvas, you should be able to tell by turning the painting over and looking at the back side to see if there is a "weave" pattern to the material it is painted on. your search

p.s. You might also look on eBay to see if similar paintings by this artist have been sold and how much they were valued at....

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