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I showed some art samples with a letter of introduction to a gallery. They liked the paintings and are asking me for the retail sales price of my art, and want to know locations where my art is being sold.

The problem is that I have never sold anything and I have no galleries representing me that are selling my art. I know it's a business and it won't look good if I have no professional record of sales or big resume.

How should I answer the question about my retail sales price and about locations (non of which exist) of where my art is being sold?

I'd truly appreciate any information!

The gallery in question asks a standard question, as you mentioned it is a "business".  I'd be up front with them and say you selected them as your first gallery to exhibit your work.  The question about retail you may have discovered galleries usually have a 50/50 split with whatever you want as your part of the equation is multiplied by 2 to gain the "retail price". [Let's say you want $ the gallery price will be $1800].

Good luck with your first exhibition.


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