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Hello Sir,
I am an artist. I am re-learning skills and techniques after an accident 7 years ago. I am progressing well, I am part of a group that creates in a gallery promoting and encouraging artists meeting once a week. Many of the former students and artists are now global selling professional artists.
I seem to be doing well, I paint primarily in watercolors as they force you to move forward and learn.

When will I know if I am ready to go to the next step and try selling? Should I be able to produce a certain amount of art a month or wait and see what comes about this year?
Thank you for your valuable time.

Good to know you are on the road back to recovery, and to learn of your artist group for
sharing INFO and encouragement.

When does any artist know their ready....?  Good question, and it isn't one that I can answer
for you, but will say, try by contacting a few local galleries, share a portfolio of your work [always make an appointment walk-ins] and include a brief but compelling artist statement and of course your contact information.  You might also want to create a calling card featuring one of your works, with your contact INFO on it.  I've used VISTA with success.

Best to you,

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