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QUESTION: hello dear

I want to know whcih name of arts that combine between act , dance , sing , pantomime upon music , I m talented in this kind I want to involve in study to improve my skills
because I have engineering degree I need short term study for instance one year diploma or 1.5 for maximum let me practise all kind of arts above

noticed that I m not live in usa , I m searching for scholarships in the following countries

1- USA (newyork -LA )

those countries is best for me to choose for study , but I dont live in any country listed above , I need scolarship or sort of study that if they ll find me talented they give me grant , noticed also I m not professional or do the above arts professionally
also I m afraid  to be late for this decision caz I m 32 yrs old , these is my dream before studying engineer

please advise and suggest solution

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: Hi there,

I'm not an educator, so your question is a little out of my field of expertise.

To the best of my knowledge, higher education doesn't give out scholarships, unless you are already enrolled in a school or university in your home country. There are some schools/universities that are offering a year-long Visual Arts Certificate Program (VACP). You'd have to contact individual schools to see what their requirements are. Try doing a google search for:
"year-long Visual Arts Certificate Program".

As far as the name of the program you're interested in studying, I think you would have the best of luck if you could choose either art or music. That said, there are fields that sort of combine both, such as design for theater and entertainment, which could be helped if you have some knowledge of music or pantomime, but it's still in the field of art and design.

I don't think it matters at all that you are 32 years old. I think it's great you'd like to pursue this. Your question would be best asked to somebody in the field of graduate studies or continuing education. Allexperts has an education category, hopefully somebody in that area can better answer your question.

Best of luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your reply
sorry for late in follow up

offering a year-long Visual Arts Certificate Program (VACP)

this kind of program not offers any financial aids I have to bear my expenses whether tuition fees or personal , I found one year diploma in performing arts in London but they just offer bursary 70% or whole discount from tuition fees ONLY but the whole year I ll bear all my expenses in London , that expensive

I got lost in scholarships and financial aid program my brain ll explode there are thousand of programs , in other hand when I try to apply I have to secure my financial stability , when I tried to apply for financial aid lot of obstacles facing me

my problem is financially how to secure myself , I tried to find schools offer a jobs besides studies but all in vain

please comment

Hello again,

Like I said in my first message, I'm not an educator, so your question is a little out of my field of expertise. You'd get more in the way of facts and answers if you were to contact a different expert at the allexpert site. Here is a link to that page:

I may be wrong (which is why you need to contact a different "expert"!) but I think you need to look at each program that interests you, and ask those institutions about how finical aid works. I'm not sure of how much in the way of grants or funding is available for a one year program. You might need to be enrolled as a full time student in a certification or degree program in order to qualify for grants, but like I said, I don't know! And what little I do know, it's only about education in the USA.
Another option might be getting a loan from a bank, and pay for your education that way.

This site might also be helpful:

Best of luck,


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