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I am a writer and I am doing research on illegal and/or unethical corporate business practices for a fictional story that I'm writing. I tried doing a google search but I couldn't really find what I was looking for (maybe I wasn't using the right search words#.

Anyway I have a very wealthy character that owns a very large corporation along with other subsidiares. This character has been doing a lot of illegal and unethical things within his business for years and when he's caught he will be in big trouble #the kind of trouble that could land you in prison and him and his family would lose everything).

I only have limited knowledge when it comes to business. So what would be something illegal and/or unethical that this character could be doing within his business that would raise eyebrows and warrant some kind of investigation from the SEC or some other kind of federal agency? What would be some serious or major charges he could be faced with?

Excellent question.  I too am a writer and now a radio host.  Anyways, here are a couple of scenarios that does happen in real life today.  A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CEO commits fraud by taking company money and changing the information in the financial records to cover it up.  This is a federal offense, and this would call for the SEC, IRS and many other government agencies to get involved.  He or she would receive life in prison and a million or billion dollar fine.  Also, another example, a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CFO work together to allow fraudulent activities take place within the company.  They allow safety to get compromised with their customers or patients, purposefully killing off their patients, and covering it up through fraudulent records.  This includes the expenses and all medical records with the family affected.  One will learn that this too is a federal offense, and the government will be quick to get involved no matter what agency, such as the Department of Health and Environment, SEC, IRS, etc.  He or she too will get life in prison and a huge fine too.

Please feel free to contact me for any future assistance.  Blessings.

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