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2 CaSO4 + 6 CaS + 8 Hg ----> 8 HgS + 8 CaO

when 5.20 g of calcium sulfide is reacted with 2.21 g of calcium sulfate, what is the maximum amount of CaO produced? (assume excess Hg)

please please tell me how to get it. i've been working on this for the past 30 minutes :<

Normally I do not help with homework, but I would be happy to give you the method:

1.  find out which is the limiting reagent (LR) - convert both the calcium sulfide and the calcium sulfate to moles and look at the ratios.

2.  using the limiting reagent moles, calculate the number of moles of CaO made from that - so 4 moles of CaO for every one mole of CaSO4 if CaSO4 the LR, or 4 moles of CaO for every 3 moles of CaS if CaS is the LR.

3.  convert the moles of CaO into mass, and you should be done.

Best regards and good luck.

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