Careers: EMT/Emergency Medical Technicians/Suck at Math


Jonathan wrote at 2011-03-03 20:59:29
Thanks Jim. Im not the op but found the answer helpful.

I would like to end up a rock and rescue/wilderness emt.

Now is the time for me to start!

Donna wrote at 2013-02-11 12:01:57
I strongly agree with Jim Wilson. I was an R.N. from 1989-2004 that ended badly as I was a victim of "friends " on a travel job in ER....My license is red flagged and cannot afford to deal with the State Board anymore ...I have now in 2013 applied and was accepted to a boot camp @ our ambulance service. I am nervous about two things--1.math apptitude testing and 2.Physical fitness...I decided to dig in my heels and found some free downloads on math refreshers and am going to the gym to at least get limbered up and eat right with only 1 week "til boot least I'm trying---nothing,no buff men will stand in my way because I want this soooo bad,and if can get through it I know I will be a great student...field work is so different than a controlled ER/ICU but I am ready to learn the right way of being a first responder...past is past...this is up to me to start over and be a good learner.Donna

Careers: EMT/Emergency Medical Technicians

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