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flesh shoulder shot
flesh shoulder shot  
I was in bed sleeping when an automatic assault rifle (AR-15) bullet came through the wall. I went to the ER I did not have medical insurance and I received minimum treatment with only a cover up of gauze sponges. I have little debree from the wall in my should(can't be removed doctor says) its been about four days since. I can't lift my arm.when I do I instantly feel bone rubbing on bone. This was a flush shot a bullet entry and exit wound and is only about .5 inch deep on my upper shoulder.  I will attach an image.

What should in be doing to help heal this wound? (Ice pack?)
How long should the healing take?(medication: Ibuprofen 600mg)
What should I watch out for to ad void infections or prolong the healing process?

Hello Oliver,

It looks like you were lucky. from what you described it was a minor wound. The doctor/ hospital who saw you should have given you some kind of discharge instructions about how to care for your wound and when you should contact the hospital for additional treatment. generally speaking, keep the wound clean, Ibuprofen is a good choice for pain and inflammation. cold packs probably aren't of much help at this point in healing (they are more useful for deep tissue injuries directly after the injury).

Good luck Oliver, heal quick.


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