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I fell down some stars and it was ice landing on a ice pick of course I had a bruise from hell and back and could not stand to sit down , I was not think of any thing but to get rid of the pain . week later I started with sever leg pain and figured I hurt that to but now when I move a certain way it hurt to walk my foot goes to sleep and tingley and some times it feel like I cant take a step my leg feel heavey I had problem with my right ankle the removed it so the outer ankle not there but I am also having problem with my foot bring cold not the left one and some times when I move it feel like I can feel my lower back it feel like it pulling apart and any thing touches that I scream bloody muder I don't know what to do or what I should its getting worse

Hello Julie,

Sorry to hear you are not doing well. It's possible the fall you took caused a shift in some of the structures in your back (your spine), which has now caused problems (pain, numbness) in your leg. I would recommend seeing a doctor for an exam to see exactly what is wrong. It may be an easy fix and you could find relife.

Good luck, I hope you get better soon.


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I have worked as a NYS Paramedic since 1993 for both community based ambulance companies and large commercial agencies. I Have experience as bike team commander, and shift supervisor for a commercial ambulance. As a member of the Disaster team I was deployed to Louisiana for 20 days following hurricane Katrina. I worked along side the county Haz-Mat team as a "Tox-Medic" with advanced training in treating injuries from chemical agents. Besides my experience on the on the ambulance I have worked in a number of hospital based offices including dialysis and a sleep lab.

I started my EMS career as a NYS CFR (Certified First Responder)in 1989, an EMT in 1991, a Paramedic since 1993, and a CCU transport paramedic since 2005. I currently hold certification as a: NYS Paramedic, Critical Care Transport Paramedic, ACLS/CPR/PALS certified. Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support certified (AHLS). In the past I have taught CPR and ACLS to my coworkers and the local community.

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