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Hello Jim,

  How have you been doing Jim? It has been almost a year since we last communicated. I am simply writing to notify you with any of my updates. I started college, I just finished my first semester and I have to say, I finished the first semester quite well. I achieved a 3.9 GPA, made the Deans List as well as other honors society/programs. I also found myself a job. I work at CVS/Pharmacy. I've been working with CVS since December.

  My anxiety has subsided at a rapid rate. A year ago I was in a low position with my self esteem and self confidence. But through the days and months that went by, I know who I wanted to be, I know what I want to do, and now I know what I can be capable of accomplishing. I also volunteer now with my communities EMS agency. I believe I mentioned that previously in my post. It hasn't been long tho since I started to volunteer, the process took forever.

  I love it. Right now, I am an EMS dispatcher, so I have to make sure I know my 10 codes inside an out. I love the people and the environment. I was soon to take the EMT original courses, but then withdrew from attending due to the fact it might interfere with school, since school right now is my top and main priority.
I hope all is well with you. I will keep you updated with any more information regarding EMS in the near future.

Take care,
Giuseppe (Joey) Cannova.

Hi Joey!

You made my day with your update. I was wondering how you have been doing and what your final decisions might have been. From your update it certainly seems as though things are falling into place for you. I cannot express how happy I am for you and how honestly proud I am. The decisions you are making are sound, mature, and will end up leading to a wonderful career.

Regarding the low self-esteem and self-confidence, everyone goes through those highs and lows. Those lows make the highs all the more special and meaningful. As I told you before you will be an even more compassionate provider because you know what inner pain feels like.

Joey, you have earned both my respect and my admiration. So many people seek and use excuses instead of working and fighting for their dreams. They will never know what you now know as to how incredible it feels to overcome challenges and to succeed.

Sincere thanks for the update. And congrats!!! Please do keep me updated. And keep up the great work.

Jim Wilson

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