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I am about to finish my btech in mechanical engg from india and i would like to do my masters in aviation management in griffith university australia .can you tell me my job oppurtunities after i have completed the masters and your view on griffith university.if i am likely to get a job after my masters could u tell what posting i will be eligible for.


Nice to hear from you.  I will try to assist!

I do not have a review or view of Griffith University since that institution is in Australia and I have not worked directly with them.  From a distance, I have heard some good things, but, I can not give you a definiitive review.

With regard to the actual degree itself and what it prepares you for:

1.  This degree program is very airline-oriented and it is also somewhat safety-oriented.
The degree information talks about how the degree program enhances your opportunities in the airline industry.  So, by their own words, it is focused on employment in the airlines.

2.  Typically, a degree program at the masters level builds upon your undergraduate work as well as upon your prior work experience.  You did not mention any prior aviation work experience, but, you did mention that you are earning a btech in mechanical engineering.  As a mechanical engineer with the Master in Aviation Management, you might well be employable in the aviation maintenance section of an airline (to support their overhaul and line maintenance operations).

Two addtiional thoughts for you in your aviation career planning:

1.  To work in aviation maintenance, many students also earn the Aviation Technician Certification from ICAO or from the Federal Aviation Administration (also called "The Airframe and Power Plant Certificate").  This would be a wonderful addition to  your Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Aviation Management.

2.  For some guidance on where you might find work, go to and then type into the Search function these words:  "Current Market Outlook" or CMO.  This will appear on the Boeing Commercial Airplane portion of the Boeing Website.  This CMO document gives you an excellent worldwide summary of overall airline aircraft sales over the coming 20 years (through 2032) and also looks at pilot and aviation technician needs for that same period for all parts of the globe.  This report will give you some overall guidance on where the airline industry will grow the fastest in the next 20 years, and, where, therefore, you will want to look for a job!

Best wishes to you,

David A. NewMyer  

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