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Hi Sir,

   This is Ananth from INDIA. I graduated with electronics minor two year ago and currently working in Qualcomm in Wireless domain. Right from the college days i was interested in a career in Aviation sector. In that regard i have few questions on how to decide my future and i seek ur help for the same.
Question 1) Is it good to do a MBA or again a Electrical engineering with Avionics specialization(MS) ,considering the fact that i have already worked on two years.
Question 2) I had been researching the market trend with the airlines, and one such airline with consistent growth is Emirates . So is it good to pursue a MBA in Emirates Aviation college or at Conventry university(Emirates affiliated) , and are there any possibilities of Emirates absorbing you.
Question 3) Even if i pursue an MS in Electronics with Avionics specialization in US , i prefer to settle out in Middle east or south east asian countries(singapore) where most companies only have marketing divsion. Are there any technologically oriented companies in Middles east in Aviation sector.
Question 4) Cranfield univ in UK offers M.S in Avionics systems , so after finishing the course are there any chance of one getting jobs in Aviation sector for instance Airbus.

Please advice me on how should i proceed i am in a state of dilema. Your advice could help me a lot

Ananth T.

Dear Ananth:

It is nice to hear from you, I will try to assist.

Your dilemma is one where only you can decide what to do based on what you are interested in.  That is, what sort of career do you want to have?  If you want a more technically-oriented career, then, choose the Electrical Engineering path with an Avionics specialization.  If you  want a more business or people-oriented path,, then, choose the MBA in Aviation path.  Either path has clear differences with the other.  In the MBA in Aviation course, for example, you will focus on management and business theory as it applies to the aviation industry.  In the Electrical Engineering path, you will focus on a more technical set of classes, with a focus on avionics.  

If you wish to work in the airline industry, I would strongly suggest thagt you pursue the MBA in Aviation since that would give you some background and coursework in areas that apply directly to airlines.  The Electrical Engineering program would not do this for you.

I am not aware if the Emirates Aviation College will give you any sort of hiring advantage with Emirates Airlines.  That is something that you will have to ask them directly.

As far as technically oriented companies in the Middle East or Singapore, I think your best bet would be Singapore Airlines, as they are one of the most succesful airlines in that area and have an excellent reputation in terms of the technical support of their aircraft fleet.

I am not aware of what Cranfield University can do for a student in terms of placement with Airbus.  Again, you will have to ask them that question as you apply to them for admissions information.

In conclusion, it is my view that, if you build on your electronics background (including your work experience with Qualcommm) with an MBA in Aviation, the combination of the two will give you an excellent background for a good future in the aviation industry.  I would also like to note that Qualcomm has its own Corporate Flight Department and operates several aircraft.  There is always an outside possibility that you could work for this company in the aviation sector.....

With all best wishes,

David A. NewMyer

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