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QUESTION: hello I'm aamish patel.I'm studying in AS level.I want to become an international commercial pilot of multi engline.I want to know that what should i do after my completion of A2. PLEASE give me all the information that i require. Please suggest me the list of top universities also. Thank you.

ANSWER: sorry I do not know where you located and what school you attending. I am guessing you are in India. I do not know anything about India requirements for pilot licenses.

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QUESTION: Yeah sir you guessed right. I am in India right now, but after my completion of A2 I am going to US or AU. So please can you give me further details. Thanking you. AAMISH PATEL.

ANSWER: Hi Aamish,
Ok I'll have to guess again. Your A2 should be High School. When you done with high school it would be the best option to apply for an of aviation colleges in USA like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). This is one of the most famous aviation collegies in the world. So when you graduate from ERAU you will have an Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) and in same time during the your college you will start taking flight lessons and when you complete college you should have your Commercial Pilot License with multi-engine rating. Now there is few more aviation collegies in USA that actually do offer same type of training and education, however I would strongly recommend ERAU because the level and quality of education and training, also your degree from ERAU after graduation will open more chances to get your first pilot job.
Good Luck

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QUESTION: Sir I also have heard about ERAU a lot and I've researched about it also. But my parents cannot afford to pay $>35000. So can you please take me to any other good aviation university with reasonable costs? AND I AM VERY THANKFUL TO YOU AS YOU ARE IN MY CONTACT.

Hi Aamish,
unfortunatelly, in comparation with rest of colleges in USA, you are looking to spend proximatelly around $120,000 for college degree that includes flight training. Fact is that without college, flight training will cost around $50,000 and that is lowest amount, Unfortunatelly, When I calculated my training to get my commercial with multi engine rating was around $45,000 and that was in 2000. (in that time to rent airplane per hour was $45/per hour)...Right now price for fuel and rent of airplane is higher then 12 years ago.
Sorry I wish I can help but really that is average what will cost to get those ratings.

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