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I am looking for a Californian University with an MBA in aviation which University do you think is best for me .. I'm not to sure weather I want to just stay in aviation management or if I want to continue study after this and become a Commercial pilot for an airline but I would really like a degree that gives an option of maybe Pilot training during the study of the degree DO you know any Universities that offers this in California ? and if not what college do you think offers the best MBA aviation degree in California
Thanks for reading this and hoping to hear from you soon

Dear Tolu:

Nice to hear from you, I will try to assist!

First of all, I am not specifically aware of any California universities (either in the Cal State System or in the Univeristy of California System) that offer an MBA in Aviation Management.  However, I do believe that EMBRY RIDDLE WORLDWIDE AT  offers their "MBA in Aviation" degree at their Los Angeles Campus and some other campuses in California.  I would suggest that you explore their website and see if that particular program would fit your needs.

Second, other than that option, I am thinking that the next closest place you can get a masters in an aviation subject would be at Arizona State University.  After that, there are MBA in aviation programs at such locations as Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire; Dowling College in Oakdale, NY; Florida Institute of Tech, in Melbourne Florida; and Univeristy of Tennessee at Knoxville.  But, of course, none of those are in Calif!

I am sorry to not be of more help!

Please follow up with another question via AllExperts if I can assist you further.


David A. NewMyer

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