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Dear Sir,

I have obtained my FAA Flight Dispatch License in Oct 2011. I was able to get a job as an Assistant Flight Dispatcher in a Private Charter Company.

I really appreciate if you can guide me:
1. How can i obtain a Ground Instructor License?
2. Will it help me to secure a job in Avaition industry?

Thank you,
A.K. Siddiqui

Dear Asim:

It is nice to hear from you, I will try to assist.


The U. S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Ground Instructor Certificate can be obtained in three steps (four if you add some some of preparation or instruction prior to starting the certification steps):

Step 1:  Do some sort of preparation or take instruction in the subject matter that you will be tested on in steps 2 and 3.  That is, since the U. S. FAA has three levels of ground instructor certification (Basic, Advanced and Instrument), it would be a good idea to obtain instruction in each of those areas for which you plan to test. Basic Ground Instructors teach those interested in becoming a Sport, Recreational or Private Pilot.  Advanced Ground Instructors teach those interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot, Airline transport, or Flight Instructor (Airplne or Multi Engine), in addition to those included in the Basic; and, Instrument would be for those interested in teaching pilots seeking their instrument ratings or their Instrument Instructor Ratings.

Step 2:  You must take your Fundamentals of Instruction written exam and pass it.

Step 3:  You must take and pass your knowledge exam in the area in which you want to be a Ground Instuctor (see above;  Basic, Advanced and/or Instrument).

Step 4:  Take your written exam results from steps 2 and 3 above to an FAA Flight Standards Disctrict Office and then the FAA will issue your Ground Instructor exam.

Will it help secure a job:

That is a good question.  It depends on what you want to do, and where you want to work.  The ground instructors who tend to do well with a career are those who work for a large flight training company such as Flight Safety International or CAE SimuFlite.  The question is:  You already have a Flight Dispatcher's license, so, are you planning to work for an airline using that license?  That might result in higher pay, depending on the size of the airline that you work for.  My view is that you have a good option with your dispatcher certificate---if you can get a foot in the door at a smaller airline, or as some sort of an intern or helper in a dispatch operation of an airline, that might be your best step.

I wish you the best of luck,

David A. NewMyer  

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