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I am currently in grade 11 nd i was doing mathmatics, physics and geography since last year grade 10 but i had to change this year grade 11 because my marks where dropping. The only reason i choose those subjects in the frist place was to became a pilot, and now am not doing maths and physis anymore because i was asked to change meanwhile at the moment am doing maths literacy and tourism in place of physics plus geography and english of course but now the question is can i still do pilot_ing? Or have i crushed my dreams. Am from South Africa

Dear Mildred,

    First, never give up on your goals.  On this planet and in your lifetime you can achieve anything you want to achieve.  All you have to do all the things it takes to achieve your goals.  One of the biggest hurdles we all face is other people, sometimes people we love and respect who tell us that our goals are not achievable.  Just smile at those folks and know in your heart that you can do it!
    Now lets talk about your letter.  Anytime you are communicating with someone you need to focus on your grammar, spelling etc.  Ask a teacher or someone you trust to help you with your communications.  It says everything about you.  I have never met you and have no other way to know you except by the letter you sent.  Before I ever hit the send key on letters I write, I review them over and over to ensure that I am sending not only the correct message but also that I am presenting myself professionally.  Please consider this as your first lesson toward becoming a professional pilot and being given the responsibility to operate a very expensive piece of equipment with others lives in your hands. Lesson one: Attention to detail.
    Finally, I don't believe in pursuing dreams.  Dreams are not real things and therefore cannot be achieved. Becoming a professional pilot is a real, attainable goal.  Set your goal and all the sub goals that are necessary to achieve the final outcome that you desire.  Life is about choices, and the consequences of those choices, whether they are good or bad.  You and you alone are wholly responsible for everything that happens in your life.  No one else.  So, go for it because YOU CAN DO IT!  Cheers, Doug

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I flew Blackhawk helicopters for 9 years in the U.S. Army active duty and guard. I flew the SF340 and Canadair Regional Jet for Comair and the DC-9 for Northwest. I am currently flying EMS missions in BK-117 and EC-145 helicopters for Air Methods Corporation. I hold an ATP Turbojet rating, Commercial Instrument Rotorcraft and have been a CFI and MEI airplane instructor in addition to instructing in the military and in simulators.

Professional Helicopter Pilots Organization Nation EMS Pilots Association

B.S. Aviation Science Oklahoma State University U.S. Army Warrant Officer Aviation Course ATP Turbojet Commercial Instrument Rotorcraft In addition I own and operate a small business employing 70 full and part time folks not in the aviation industry.

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