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Hi David

Thanks a lot for providing such a forum. I have done my Masters programme in Safety and Accident Investigation (Air Transport)from Cranfield University, UK . By profession i m a fighter pilot but at the moment working in safety set for Air Force. i have experitise in Aviation Human Factor, Incident/Accident Inveestigation, CRM facilitator, Flying Instructor and have 25 yrs of work experience.

I am looking for sponsored PhD programme in Aviation Safety or Aircraft Accident Investigation. Hope you ll be able to guide me.

Kind Regards

Ali bilal Rathore

Dear Ali:

Very nice to hear from you.  I am not aware of any sponsored PhD programs in Aviation Safety or Aircraft Accident Investigation.

My best recommendation would be to contact two USA-based universities that offer reputable PhD programs in aviation and then ask them indivdually about sponsorships, scholarships and the like:

1.  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida offers a PhD program in Aviation.  Contact them at:  

for more information.  This PhD DOES have an "Aviation Safety and Human Factors" Specialization.  The degree is also set up so that you can take 12 of the 60 semester hours required away from ERAU (but, 48 hours must be taken in residency).

2. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, offers a PhD in Technology with a Focus in Aerospace and Aviation Management.  For more information, contact:

for more information.

With regard to scholarships and sponsorships, the above programs might have some information for you.  The typical way in which graduate students fund their way through a PhD program via the institution is by applying for a Graduate Assistantship, which helps you pay for your tuition through a "tuition waiver" and also pays a stipend.

Outside the institutions, you might also check with your government (via the military or via the Ministry of Transport) for sponsorships---they might have such sponsorships for key government officials who will come back and work for the central government in the aviation safety arena.

I hope that this information is of help to you.

Best wishes,

David A. NewMyer

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