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I desperately want to become a Corporate Flight Attendant. I know that it is completely different from Commercial Flight attendants and that there are training schools for the business side and catering side of doing it.  The training school I was thinking about going to is out of my budget but there aren't a lot of scholarships available. Should I just market myself and have those companies pay for the flight training or should I enroll in the school. I can't afford to take out any more student loans. Help please. I really want to start.

Hi Jamie,
I am sorry but I am not familiar there are schools for Flight Attendants. Usually Corporate flight attendants are hired from airlines and usually corporate flight attendants do have more experience, usually few years. Now airlines in USA do have training for their flight Attendants and that training is usually withing company and you do not have to pay anything. Comapany pays for training.
Now Flight training is different thing....your second part of email reffers to flight training? Are you looking for information for Flight attendants or pilot information?

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