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Hi, I am doing a project on how aeroplane safety has progressed over the years for my final year at high school.  I would appreciate if you would take the time to answer the following questions.
1)  Why did you want to become a pilot?
2)  As an instructor, how does the current pilot training differ from when you had to do your training?
3)  Have you ever witnessed or been involved in an air emergency or had technical problems?
4)  If Yes, can you describe?
5)  In your years of service, you must have experienced major safety upgrades.  Can you name some?
6)  In the current climate, what would you most like to see implemented to further ensure the safety of crew and passengers?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions.  I really do appreciate it.  Would you be able to sign your name, qualification and the exact years of your experience in the industry.  Any information you give me is soley for my project and will not be used for any other purpose.  
Regards, Matthew (Australia)

Hello Matthew,
That's a lot of information. I'll do my best.
1.  I have always wanted to fly. I was inspired as a child watching television and always fantasized about flying. Whenever a plane flew overhead, I would look up. I think some people are born with a curiosity and desire.

2.  Today, there are many more regulations (controlled airspace etc.) and it costs much more to learn as well as every day flying.

3/4.  Unfortunately, I have had some technical problems over the years for example: an electrical fire in the cockpit, failed alternator, engine failure on takeoff due to carburetor ice.  Fortunately, I had excellent training and experience to know how to deal with emergencies.

5.  Probably the greatest safety upgrade that I have experienced would be the creation of new controlled airspace and the regulations to fly in them. There have been others such as more rigid requirements for certification and airworthiness directives for aircraft.

6.  My biggest concern for crew and passengers is proper maintenance of aircraft and the oversight that it is being done correctly.

I hope this serves your purpose. I realize that I was pretty general in my answers but to go into detail would be very time consuming.  Good luck with your project.
David Bidwell
Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument airplane (CFII) 28 years

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