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hi i have been doing a lot of research on schools in the usa could you kindly advise on some of the best schools to go to?
i have checked out monarch air in texas,
and phoenix east in florida because they have a package that is inclusive of the cfi and i have a a chance to be a paid instructor with them.

could you kindly recommend some more schools?


I cannot recommend any specific school as I have no experience with any of them nor am I aware of what each offers compared to the other. (When I did my training in the 90's, I did so in a flying club not a flight school.) Additionally, you will only be allowed to attend a flight school approved by the Alient Flight Training Program because you are not a US citizen and I do not know which schools are on their approved list.

Here are some links that give you some things to consider when selecting the right school for you:

If you have not done so already, you should go to the government website and find out about the process to be admmitted as a foreign national to do flight training- At that site, you will find all the flight schools that you may consider attending

This link explains the process and you should read it-

I do suggest that you visit these pilot message boards where you will likely find info from current or past students to help you make your decision-

I also suggest you visit as the organization has scholarship opportunities that may interest you.

Good Luck!

D. Norkus

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