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I just graduated at Technical University of Kosice,Slovakia,Faculty of Aeronautics with major field in Air Transport Management with Master's degree Engineer. I graduated from Management and Economics of Airport, Management and Economics of Aviation Companies, Airport Logistics, Organization of Airport Operation and Maintenance. I am looking for some entry job or internship in my field. I am trying to send many applications for entry job and internship to airports and airlines in US but with negative response or any answer. Can I ask you if I have any chance to start my future career in US in my field?

Hi, Peter:

It is nice to hear from you, I will try to assist!  The first thing you will need to do is check into visa requirements to see what sort of work you will be allowed to do.  Normally, an internship (or related) one year apprenticeship related to your field of study is allowed following the completion of a degree....

Regarding your interest---the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is a USA organization that has an excellent job listing page at   You might have to join as a member to access that information, but, if you are still a student, you can join for $40 per year.   They issue a newsletter (AIRPORT REPORT) twice per week that has an extensive "Positions Open" section.  In addition, AAAE has a four page listing of airport-related internships that is available to student members.

I hope that this helps,


David A. NewMyer
PS  Also, check the university website where I work,, for job and internship listings.....they might be of help to you.

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