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Hello Ismar,

I am Rakshit from India and I'm writing to you after a long time. Hope you are doing good? Let me come straight to my question, I am planning to become a commercial pilot and I want to do get my CPL from Canada. I did some research found some flying schools. I did some research on the internet and found 2 flying schools. One of them is Calgary Flight Training Center and the other one is Brampton Flying Club. I would appreciate if you can please suggest some good flying schools in Canada for my CPL training with good track records.

Best regards
Rakshit Dayal

Hi Rakshit,
Sorry for long delay, but I am on the road majority of time. Between those two schools you mention in your email. I would definitely choose Calgary Flight Training. When you are choosing school you have to be aware that smaller so called schools generally do not have structured training curriculum and most probably they do have temporary hired flight instructors. You do need to find school that has been established in aviation training industry and has an track records of their flight students. That kind of school you may rest in peace that your money and investment is secure and that you will complete training in time they do require.
I hope this helps you in your choice, good luck.

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