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Hello Sir, I am a resident of New Delhi,India and currently pursuing B.Tech in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering from MIT Manipal,Karnataka.Though I have a deep interest in Aeroplanes and Aviation Industry,I wish I would I make my career in that only.
Cuurently I am in my second year of engineering and want to know what are career opportunities for me in this field after my completion of B.Tech(In 2017).If job in this sector is not assured after my B.Tech then please tell what higher studies courses should I go so that I can make my career in my dream field.
I would also like you to prefer me an summer internship/training programme which I should go for in my years of engineering course in Aviation Industry be it with AAI to boost my knowledge.

Dear Ankush:

Thank you for your question, I will try to assist!

First of all, I am not too clear on what the B. Tech in Instrumentation and Control Engineering entails but it sounds like what we call "Industrial Engineering" here in the USA (and before that, it was called an "Industrial Technology" degree).   I am assuming it involves manufacturing processes, etc.

In any case, one way to break into aviation that builds on the B. Tech background is to obtain ICAO or Federal Aviation Administration (U. S.) or the equivalent training in "Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic."  This also may be called "Aircraft Maintenance Engineer" (AME) training or something similar in India.  This is normally a one to two year training program with a combination of in-class and hands on training.  While this may seem like a lot of time, if you truly wish to break into aviation, this is a key way to do it in that it results in a basic certification through a government-approved training programme.  There is a "List of DGCA Approved AME Training Institutes" available on Google if you simply do a Google Search of this list by name.  That listing will give you 57 different schools all around India that are approved by the government of India to offer AME training.

My view is that, the completed AME training and accompanying certificate of approval PLUS your B. Tech degree will give you a unique combination of education and training to enter the job market in aviation.

With regard to your request about summer internships or training, either the school that offers your B. Tech or the one that you choose for your AME training should have contacts with employers that offer summer internships or training.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.  

With all best wishes to you,

David A. NewMyer, Ph.D.

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