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With a humble plea I request that you may explain how a student on completing his or her high school level of studies may enroll to an aviation based university that will offer qualify one to become a commercial airline pilot.
Many thanks sir and be blessed.

Thanks for your question.  I'm not sure in your country how this process works, but in the US you can simply enroll in an aviation university and earn your commercial certificate.  Although, this is not the only route to earning your commercial certificate.  You could also enroll in any small school that conducts training under FAR part 61.  Many refer to these smaller flight schools as "mom and pop" schools since they are much more relaxed and conduct operations under less stringent structure.  One thing you need to remember is that in the US, just because you earn a commercial pilot certificate, it does not guarantee a job.  It definitely would not qualify you to fly for the airlines as you would need to build a significantly larger amount of logged pilot time than is initially required for a commercial certificate (1500 hours to be exact).  Again, this may be different in your country and they may very well offer employment with a newly certificated commercial certificate.  Make sure you research all schools thoroughly before enrolling or forking over any money.  Best of luck!

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