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Hello, I own a Cessna 150, and I was wondering what needs to be done to get it IFR certified. Looking at the FAA required instruments, it seems that I have most of them, but what type of navigational equipment is needed? Thanks!

Hi Lincoln,
I apologize for taking so long getting back to you but for some reason, I just received your question. For an airplane to be IFR certified it needs to have the pitot static system inspected and certified  with a sign-off in the logbooks. As for instrumentation,I suggest that you read through FAR 91.205 which spells out exactly what is needed for both VFR and IFR equipment. Here is a link:

It does not take much to make it legal but I caution you to consider having redundant systems for navigation and make sure that your partial panel skills are sharp.
Hope this helps,
Dave Bidwell

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