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Im 16 year-old science's student,i  always haded a dream to travel the whole world and get paid for it,will becoming an commercial pilot i will able to fulfill my dreams??? please help

Hi, Jenie:

This is a very difficult question to answer easily.    Yes, being a commercial pilot (by that, I assume, you mean commercial AIRLINE pilot) will allow you to travel the world and get paid for it; however, it is a difficult path to get to the point where you can be hired as a commercial AIRLINE pilot.  For example, you will have to follow these steps:

1. EDUCATION:  Earn at least a baccalaureate degree or bachelor's degree---preferably in an aviation, aeronautical engineering, or related field;

2. LEARN TO FLY:   You will have to learn to fly and earn your pilot certifications from the Federal/national government agency in your country--this usually means a Private Pilot Certificate, (where you learn to solo an aircraft); then a commercial pilot's certificate with an Instrument Rating, which would allow you to "fly for hire" and to fly in poor visibility conditions; then, earn your multi-engine rating, which allows you to fly aircraft with multiple engines; and, finally, you would earn a Flight Instructor's certificate, which would allow you to teach others to fly (and to earn more flight time while you taught.

3. FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: As you gain your various flight certifications, you also gain flight EXPERIENCE which is measured both in the number of FLIGHT HOURS you earn, as well as the complexity of the aircraft you fly, and the complexity of the flying that you do---flying in instrument/poor visibility weather conditions, and so forth.

4. PATIENCE:   Like becoming a doctor, it sometimes takes 8 to 10 years of preparation (EDUCATION, TO LEARN TO FLY AND TO GAIN FLIGHT EXPERIENCE) before you can become an airline pilot flying for a large airline.

None of these steps are easy, but, if you really want to become an airline pilot, there will be jobs for you.....more and more jobs as the years go on.

You can look at the websites of the major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus Industries out of Europe or Boeing Commercial Airplane Company out of the USA.  They have forecasts on their websites to show you how the industry will grow in the future.

Best wishes to you,

David A. NewMyer

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