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I'm currently still in high school, but I want to major on something that has to do with airlines and business. Can you kind of give examples of careers I that  have to do with what I want? I love to travel and also (sound bad) I like bossing people around. I would also like to be a flight pilot but I'm just not sure. Is there any way you can help me.


There are too many possible careers in the airlines to describe here. I suggest checking out this aviation career FAQ guide for job descriptions:

Aviation and Aeronautics Career Guide-
"Explore careers in Aeronautics and Aviation with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.  To learn more about the Aeronautics and Aviation Industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section."

Any entry level airline position could be for you if that industry is already your interest. Travel benefits are part of the job. As far as "bossing people around", well...some may think that is part of a supervisory job, but in all reality that is not a good trait for employees that must be team players. Especially for pilots. They are expected to function as a crew, who relies on each other and works well as a team, not with the captain bossing people around.

Additionally, if you want to major in something related to aviation, that is fine and there are many schools that offer such degrees (find them at but realize an aviation degree is not neessary to get a job in the field. While it may help in some instances to gain an job, it may not in others. It really depends on the position and your type of education. Just start by oing over that careers guide to help you get a better idea of what may interst you. Then you will be informed about the career choices you have.


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