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anwar fuenmayor wrote at 2013-01-30 01:17:56
First of all, a million thanks for your time and dedication. What you guys are doing on allexperts, does make a difference. I forgot to ask you another important question in regards to my career planning. After graduation BSc geology (University of London) I could (which is my intention) apply and go directly into the MSc Petroleum Geoscience at imperial graduate school or any other reputable college/university here in the UK that has strong ties with the upstream industry. However, after browsing on the internet I realise that some engineers/geoscientist suggest getting experience with internships or a real job contract at undergraduate geo-technical level first before investing 10K to 20K into a masters. They say one year experience in the real (O&G)world would make graduate school much easier to digest and it also enables the geoscience buddy to make a (consciously) better decision on a career path before compromising. Keith, what do you say about this. Studentships/scholarships for the master is directly sponsored by the industry and is higly competitive. I phoned Imperial a week ago, and they said that 50% applicant will get scholarship/studentship offers for tuition fees and maintenance for the duration of the program. Now, being a poor student from a poor family, I thought about finding an entry technical level with upstream, before going for a masters. First, to see for myself, first hand, whether a career in upstream 0il and Gas is for me. Second, to safe money towards the cost of a graduate/postgraduate degree (self-funding). Also, having at least a year in the industry would be more advantageous with application interview at top petroleum schools, wouldn't it? If you do concur with this idea of getting experience before grad school, what RELEVANT roles would be good for a recent BS Geology graduate? Mud-logger, well geologist, working on an oil rig? And which companies are the ones you do recommend?

Thanks again

I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


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